Thursday, 27 September 2012

Image Masking / Shading Tutorial

Hi Everyone

I'm back and it's only Thursday!

I have had a lot of people contact me and ask me how I do the masking / shading around my images so I thought I would take the plunge and do my first ever tutorial - be gentle with me!

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I do not have a video camera, (I hate to hear myself on it), so I have tried to capture the technique with a range of photographs, so here goes:

Step 1:

Stamp or print out your image twice - one for colouring and one for cutting out and using as the mask, (scrap paper is just perfect for this).

Step 2:

Colour your image and then cut out the second image.  You don't have to be perfect with the cutting out, I tend to cut into the black line of the image so I don't get a white border around the main coloured image.

Step 3:

Gently spray the back of your cut out image with a re-positionable adhesive - I find Crafter's Companion Stick & Spray is just perfect.  Once you have sprayed it gently stick it to a piece of scrap paper to remove any unwanted adhesive.

Step 4:

Stick the cut out image over your coloured image.  I also use a sticky note at the bottom of the image to create the 'ground' so to speak.

Now that the masking is done, you are now ready to start shading.

Step 5:

I prefer to use an Ink Duster from Inkylicious as I find I can control the amount of ink I want to apply around my image.

Step 6:

To help control the width of the colour around the image I find it easier by pressing the bristles together.

Step 7:

Dab your Ink Duster into the ink and dab the excess off on a piece of scrap paper before dabbing it around your image.

By dabbing the ink beforehand stops you putting too much ink around the image and prevents any potential big splodges.

Step 8:

Once you are happy with the level of colour you have achieved just peel back the mask and - TAH-DAH - there you have it - one image shaded.

I spent a little time practising around a blank image so I could get the 'feel' of the Ink Duster and the amount of ink I'm apply before moving onto a coloured image.

So, that's my very first tutorial done.  I hope you were able to follow it and it made sense.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Take care



Magda said...

Thank you for your tutorial Hazel!!
It's very useful!!
And I want to thank you for the nice comment on my
Have a great day!

Ea Christiansen said...

What a great toturial - I didn't even know this kind of spray existed...

Susan Hogan said...

Great tutorial Hazel and a good way of doing it -I tend to use sponges but you don't get this light coverage you have achieved here. I will be trying your technique too I think.

Susan Hogan said...

Great tutorial Hazel and a good way of doing it -I tend to use sponges but you don't get this light coverage you have achieved here. I will be trying your technique too I think.

Ali said...

Thanks for the tutorial Hazel - I know what i'll be buying at the GNPE at Harrogate xx

Ali said...

oops forgot to ask - does it leave any sticky residue on the original image??? It doesnt affect the colouring??

Faye said...

Just brilliant. I need one of those brushes than I'm gonna give this a try. X

Sue - bearhouse said...

A fabulous tutorial Hazel, thanks for sharing

Hugs Sue

Lisa Jane said...

Fab tutorial Hazel.. i just love my Ink Dusters and use them on nearly every card lol
Lisa x

tilly's crafts said...

great tutorial Hazel, and very easy to follow! will try that technique!
Kim x

Sharon said...

I think your first tutorial is great Hazel. I must invest in a brush like that, as I tend to use a sponge. Surprise!!! Lookout for post from hugs Sharon

Susan Flynn said...

Brilliantly detailed and clear tutorial Hazel. Thanks for sharing I must give it a go! x

Doreen said...

Thanks for the tutorial Hazel,very

Nat said...

Thank you for a fab tutorial Hazel. I hadn't thought of using a mask like this, I will def be having a go.

Caz said...

Brilliant tutorial Hazel, will have to try this. Thanks for sharing.
Caz x

Bettina L. said...

Asolutely love your tutorial Hazel. This will come in handy when I get me that spray. In the meantime I'll just add some clouds instead;) Hugs Bettina xx

Christine L said...

Fabulous tutorial Hazel.... thank you for sharing!

Christine x

Fabiola said...

félicitation Hazel, ton premier tuto est très réussi, simple clair complet, parfait quoi, merci beaucoup de partager avec nous, biz

Tanya said...

Fab tutorial Hazel, I love the way your images always look, so thanks for enlightening us :D I must pick up some of those brushes and have a go myself :)

Tags xx

Lisa said...

Fab tutorial Hazel, I hope it's the first of many! I sometimes struggle with my backgrounds, which is frustrating when you have coloured an image nicely, so I may just have to treat myself to an ink duster and give this a go. Hugs Lisa xxx

Debbie said...

Fantastic tutorial Hazel.Will have to have a play.Great pics too.Hope you're well dearie.Hugs Debbie x

Robin said...

Great first tutorial. Thanks so much. I will have to give this a try. Hugs, Robin

Maria Rud said...

This is great! Thank you very much for this tutorial!


Kathleen said...

Great tutorial, better than a video and you can stop at each section and get a clearer idea.

Kath x

Sonia said...

Useful beautiful tutorial Hazel:)
Thanks a lot:)
Big hug,

Planetsusie said...

Oh you wonderful woman!!! I have been champing at the bit to see how you did this. I imagined you using cotton wool somehow - now it all comes sooooo clear! Thank you thank you thank you. I will definitely be having a go now - I had guessed that masking was involved, so I don't feel quite so 'duh' as I did! LOL.

Big hugs to you

Sue Pxxx

Samantha said...

Hazel! outstanding so lovely to see how you make it look soooooo easy!!! love it!
hugs me x

Nenny said...

Fabby Tute, thanks Hazel. I love the way your images look with the shading, so it's fab to see your process :) xxxx

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Thanks so much for the fantastic tut, Hazel!
Happy Huggies ~

Groupdmt said...

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